Most Manufactured Ceramic Products in 2016

The ceramics industry is powered by long-term demand and sustained growth. The sector is expanding well with much focus on process and technology improvements. Improving capabilities is getting reflected in the form of increasing exports in the segment. The ceramics industry has a bright future for existing players as well as for potential investors. The most manufactured ceramic products during the year 2016 have been listed below.

Sanitary ware

There has been a massive demand for new house construction as well as remodeling all over the world which has spurred the demand for sanitary ware. The world sanitary ware production boosted to over 349.3 million pieces during 2014 and the number further propelled in 2016.

Refractory products

The total global production of refractory products would surpass 55 million tons by the year 2020. The increase in demand for high performing furnaces and end-user industries has sparked the demand for refractory products. These find a plethora of applications and have been in demand during the year 2016. The demand for these products is rising significantly for the numerous applications these serve.

Wall and floor tiles

Ceramic tiles covering floor and ceiling of subway
Subway station with tiled hallways and ceilings

The ceramic tile market is expected to shoot over $125.32 billion by 2020 owing to the heavy demand for these products. Wall and floor tiles were one of the most manufactured ceramic products during the year 2016 and the number is expected to rise steadily. The global demand during the year 2016 is expected to reach 21.8 billion square meters. Floor tile was one of the largest product segments in the ceramic tile market during the year 2016. The emergence of floor tile as a replacement for flooring options including hardwood has spurred massive demand in the market owing to the superior properties and durability of the floor tile.

The largest application of floor tiles was for residential replacement. The growing demand for a sturdy material coupled with rising awareness for personal hygiene has further augmented the demand for ceramic tiles. With rising demand for new residential structures, the drive in the market is expected to increase in the years to come.


The fiberglass market is expected to grow to $14.27 billion by the year 2019.  A strong growth can be expected in the fiberglass market due to increasing applicability in insulation and composites. The largest end-user applications for fiberglass are composites. Investments being made in the composites segment has further spurred the growth and popularity of the fiberglass industry in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. An increase in the population in these regions has directly impacted the general engineering as well as automobile industries which in turn has raised the demand for ceramics products.

Ceramic Coatings market

Carbide coating is considered as an edible ceramic
Capsule and tablet medicines use some type of ceramic coating

The global ceramic coatings market is expected to grow steadily to a value of $10.12billion by the year 2020. Ceramic coatings such as carbide coatings, nitride coatings, and oxide coatings have found massive applications in the automotive, energy, defense, healthcare and industrial goods sectors. Highest growth rate can be expected from oxide coatings which dominated the market during 2016 and are expected to further rise in terms of consumption and value.