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About Us

Ceramics have crept into our lives slowly since ancient times. It would be next to impossible for eliminating them from our lives for the plethora of benefits that they offer to the users. Many applications of these amazing products are hidden. You never know when you would be in contact with a ceramic product and are not aware of it. The major purpose of this blog is to create awareness among people. We are a bunch of enthusiastic individuals who love researching on ceramics and the amazing benefits that they have to offer.

Hand-made pottery
Traditional hand-crafted pottery is still being made in some countries today.

We have gathered reliable information about the history of ceramics, their applications and how life would be without them. We present the information and statistics to you so that you can understand why these products mean a lot. There are numerous researchers, educators, scientists, engineers, students, sales and marketing professionals in all the countries of the world working on ceramics. Every day these products are used, studied and improved for supporting innovations and enhancing the quality of life and the environment in which we live.

Ceramic components are critical in everything that renders the modern life possible from smartphones to medical treatments. Our mission is to promote the applications of these valuable products far and wide. We want to spark an interest among individuals about these materials. This blog serves more as a forum where individuals enthusiastic about ceramics and their applications can connect and contribute to the developments being made in the field. We value participation and promote involvement in whatever we do.

NASA shuttle ready to launch
NASA space shuttle uses ceramic body parts and components

Advances in the field of science and technology speak of the marvelous inventions and discoveries made by man. This blog takes you through the numerous development made in the field of ceramics and engineered materials. The developments not just sound fascinating but as well make us feel proud and cherish the incredible work being done by the engineers, researchers, and archaeologist all over the world. Is it not incredible how our world is shrinking in terms of information transfer? It is and this is why we present to you valuable information about the latest developments in the field of ceramics. These are nothing less than incredible and help us be aware of wherever we are headed to.

There is a need to create awareness no matter what the topic is. Ceramics are a crucial part of our lives and hence it becomes obligatory to know what they are and how they help us. It is essential to know whether they are safe or not. It is crucial to discuss what has been done and what can be done. A discussion is the only way and this is why this blog was brought into existence. Discussions and sharing information over this portal can help us enrich experiences of those who wish to share and learn.

Join hands with us to make it possible for spreading real knowledge about ceramics and making people be aware of how these amazing products have remained with mankind for so long. We want to offer an information portal to all those seeking useful data about ceramics and their applications. This blog offers everything that you need to know about these materials which have become an indispensable part of our lives. Modern life is nothing with ceramics and their applications. Let us celebrate the ease that they add to our daily lives through this blog dedicated especially to ceramic materials.

We are a team of individuals passionate about learning and sharing the amazing contributions made by the ceramic products in simplifying our lives. Ceramic products are more like a boon to mankind and we are here to explore everything that we can about these. We are an enthusiastic learner. We love assimilating information about ceramics and their derivatives. If you have anything to share that can benefit the followers of this blog in any manner, then kindly do not refrain from contacting us. We would be eagerly waiting for your responses. Share if you love something and tell us if you want us to change something. We would be happy to hear from you!  So, please do not hesitate to contact us even if you simply want to say a hi. You can pick up the phone to call us on [215] 416 9395 or simply drop a line at the following email address: In case, you would like to come to meet us in person, our office address is 38/F West Trump Towers, New York, NY.