Ceramics: A Look At The History And Its Utility In High-Tech Industries

One of the most ancient industries of this planet is Ceramics.  The industry came into existence the day humans understood that clay can be transformed into different objects by first adding water and then heating it on fire. The ceramics objects appeared in 24,000 BC and since then they have been used for variety of purposes.  Today you will be surprised to know that, ceramics is used in a variety of high tech industries. In this article we will discuss some of these industries. The idea is to let our readers know, how important ceramics really are?

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Ceramics are widely used in important areas of Aerospace industry such as Aircraft, Satellites, Missiles and Spacecraft. All of the equipment mentioned is high tech and comprises of complex structures. The key materials of these structures are ceramics (non-oxide) and oxide (high grade). These materials have a higher amount of resilience which means that they are ideal for operating conditions which are extreme.

Carbon Ceramic Brake

Automotive Engineering

A lot of materials are utilized in Automotive Engineering and among these materials are ceramics. Especially in the case of motorized vehicles, various components made of high tech ceramics are utilized to fully meet the requirements and demands which plastic and metal materials cannot meet.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The machines that operate in the Pharmaceutical industry are exposed to a lot of pressure. The main goal is to ensure that the machine does not get damaged and the processes do not stop. The metal components of the machine often could not withstand the high amount of stress. Under such a situation the best alternative is Ceramic. However one should keep the application conditions in mind before going for Ceramics.

Electrical Engineering

Products developed through technical ceramics are a key feature in the field of electrical engineering.  The main advantage of this class of materials is their high amount of electrical conductivity.  The magnetic properties of the materials serve as an added feature. The hard and soft magnetic ferrites have proven efficient materials for decades now.  As compared to the metallic materials, these materials enable product sizes which are small.

Ceramic Water Filter

Environmental Engineering

Environment engineering refers to a field which aims to protect the biosphere and damaged ecosystems.  Just like the above mentioned industries, Ceramics play a considerable role in this industry as well.  The components developed through ceramic materials (high grade) contribute to the development of different technologies which are friendly for the environment.

Food Processing Technology

The ceramics have also heavily used in Food processing industry. The ceramics have been frequently used in long lasting and reliable components that have a wide range of different applications such as labeling of containers and packaging etc.


There are several other technological usages of Ceramics. The point is that the material is frequently used nowadays and in fact some of the technological machines cannot operate effectively without Ceramics. There are many famous companies in the market nowadays which are known for providing quality ceramics.