Apple Watch – All About The New Ceramic Version Of This Tech Wonder

Apple watches are popular accessories with their helpful apps for just about everything. Additionally, they look great with just about every outfit. Apple has created a variety of watches with their Apple watch series with each addition being even more advanced than the last.

The latest addition is the Apple Watch Series 5 which looks a lot like the series 4 with regard to size and design. It is already being referred to as a wonder watch with its always-on feature which allows you to see the time without moving your wrist. This is a feature that Apple Watch Series enthusiasts have longed for since the series debuted.

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Apple Watch Models In Ceramic         

The Apple Watch Series 5 features a variety of finishes including ceramic. The Apple Watch Series 2 ceramic model in white is very popular with Apple Watch lovers. Ceramic is durable, light and lustrous.

Ceramic is also harder than stainless steel and its finish neither tarnishes nor scratches. Our ceramic cases are polished to a lustrous shine that takes days to perfect. The Apple Watch in ceramic debuted in 2016 with the Apple Watch Edition Series 2.

This material is not as unusual in watches as you would think. It has been around for a while. The watch’s casing is all in ceramic and looks as good as (if not better than) the previous gold and rose versions and possibly lasts longer.

Theceramic in Apple Watches uses Zirconia powder mixed with alumina to bring out that particular white color. Combined with sapphire glass, the ceramic gives you a durable watch that is free of scuff and scratches.

Ceramic Is Durable

The Apple ceramic watch is also not easily breakable despite ceramic being a pretty brittle material. The ceramic chosen by Apple is robust which aids in reducing breakage.

In addition, the Apple Watch casing features a round curvature which allows the force of an impact to be distributed evenly. Objects will merely glance off your watch without causing any damage. Edges that look weak have the crown and strap to protect them.

Ceramic Versus Metal

Ceramic is heavier than metal, therefore, giving you a slightly heavier watch than the previous Apple Watch Series. However, you will barely notice the difference.

The Strap

Your ceramic watch allows you to have a variety of straps that you can switch up to suit different occasions or moods. You can even change them to match your different outfits. It is advisable to go for bands that strap on firmly. While the watch will not shatter easily, you do not want to drop it repeatedly.

If your taste is a little eccentric, you can always match up the white ceramic with colorful bands that will bring a stark contrast.


Ceramic is the best material for the Apple Watch Series and the new Apple Watch Series 5 in ceramic promises to be even better. Ceramic is not only good to look at but it is also durable since it does not break easily. Also, the few extra grams only feel better on your wrist.